Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Key to Revival

I believe that the key to revival is the Lord giving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to increase the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
Besides the baptism in the Holy Spirit, a Spirit-filled church leader needs to have balance and maturity; that is what is needed to properly supervise the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Some call it apostolic and prophetic ministry, some don't, I don't like to get hung up on labels.

Half of the gifts of the Holy Spirit have to do with hearing from the Lord.  I believe that the bible is the definitive word of God; but that the rhema (currently spoken) word of the Lord is something that is very important also.  And just to mention 'logos' being the written word of the Lord (the bible).

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why Revival Tarries

The church, meaning those organizations which require its members to be born-again, namely the evangelical and Spirit-filled churches, have one intrinsic, systematic flaw, they do a poor job ministering to single men.
The reason that revival tarries is because the church, again, the evangelical and Spirit-filled churches, discriminate against, and reject, single men called to the ministry.
Jesus is a single man, and half of the leaders of the church in the New Testament were single men.

The End of the World

I think that the major prophetic event has already taken place this year. 3 women on the Supreme Court have marked 50 years of feminism by legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.
Feminism and homosexuality are joined at the hips. Is anybody missing that fact?
So, the human race has 50 more years of feminism, and in approximately 2065 the great tribulation will begin, and approximately 2070, Jesus Christ will return.
It's a dual track prophecy.
In 1977 I was 14 (I became a man), the New York Times and CBS news both called us the "Me Generation" then. We'll raise the "Me Me Generation", they will raise the "Me Me Me Generation", and then the end will come. Again, approximately 2065 the great tribulation will begin, and approximately 2070, Jesus Christ will return.
Thus says the Lord, or close enough for government work.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Concerning the Judgment of Christian Leaders and Feminism

Let few desire to become teachers, knowing as such, you will incur a stricter judgment.
James 3:1 Let not many {of you} become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.
I think that an insight into the meaning of that, is that Christian leaders will sometimes be judged for what they do not do, and what they do not say.
The idea came to me while I thought about Michael Brown, a very famous church leader. I've been following some of his material at Charisma.  If someone went solely by the material that he produces, would that person have any idea about feminism in this country today?
And not just him, what about Pat Robertson for that matter, or Benny Hinn or Paula White, or Matt Crouch, or many of the others.
I suppose that if I had to label the error or sin, it would be negligence.
Let me give you an example.  I believe that I may have a word from the Lord that the most important decision that men make (and maybe women also) that they give the least amount of thought and prayer to, is whether or not the wife should work (outside of the home); or the girlfriend, or the sister or the other women in the man's life.
I believe that 2 to 3 times more women work today than should.  If a woman works, she is a feminist.  That is a reliable statement.
So we have a guy, back to the example, who follows Michael Brown, who nonchalantly decides to send his wife to work.  Why? Well, because if there were any real danger to that, Michael Brown would have forewarned him, right?
So, do you see the point?  I would encourage you to ask yourself a general question, 'Are the leaders of the church pooh-poohing the whole issue of feminism?'
Are they afraid that if they tackle feminism that they will loose supporters?
I mean, how many T.V., radio, etc. ministries, are basically supported by little old ladies?