Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spirit-filled Ministry

In the ministry it's important to be bold, and sometimes even courageous.  But you also want to be delicate and precise.
Spirit-filled ministry is like being a fowler, catching song birds with snares. It can be very delicate and precise work.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are You Called to the Ministry? Can You Multitask?

My Facebook post from today: If a person believes that the Lord may be calling them to the ministry, they may like to ask themselves, "Do I like to multitask?" "Am I good at multitasking?"
If the answer is 'yes', that may be an indication that they could be successful in the ministry.
An example is, on the one hand, a minister may need to be able to keep his (or her) "Shields Up", so to speak. That is to say, to be able to keep their guard up, while at the same time, on the other hand, to be pleasant and friendly; to smile and such.
A good working definition of "balance" is "stability based upon planned diversity."

Friday, November 13, 2015

Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry

Here's the problem with what's been going on concerning teaching about the prophetic ministry. The message makes the minister prophetic, the minister does not make the message prophetic.
Do you want to see prophetic ministers selling their anointing to prophesy revival over your city? 'For a thousand dollars, I'll prophesy revival for you', that kind of thing.
"God will back you (me) up."
The issue is getting the cart before the horse. Is there some validity to these statements? Yes, some. But if you really want a prophetic ministry, you have to have a message from the Lord.
Let me give you a perfect example. If you live in America, and you do not understand that the major distinguishing mark of this generation, of this time, is feminism, then you are not a prophetic minister. Because you are unable to discern the signs of your time. It's that simple.
If you want an example of an apostolic and prophetic word, "Single men are short changed by the church. There needs to be more single men in church leadership."
It's like having a car but you have to drive on the roads. If you don't drive on the roads, you're going to wreck fast.
Here's the rub with the prophetic ministry. The church is already doing everything that it wants to do. The church is already not doing all the things that it doesn't want to do. The backbone of the prophetic ministry is telling the church to do the things that it doesn't want to do. It's telling the church not to do the things that it wants to do.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Apostolic and Prophetic Word

What makes me an apostolic and prophetic minister is that I have an apostolic and prophetic word from the Lord. The church needs to do a better job ministering to single men and there needs to be more single men in church leadership.
God blesses me with a special blessing because of this. The most important thing in life is to see the Lord move on your behalf, there is nothing like it.  A man (or woman) hasn't really lived until they see God move on their behalf.
 I encourage you to adopt this message into your life and ministry. I believe (and pray) that it will prime the pump for you too to have an apostolic and prophetic ministry also. And if you already have an apostolic and prophetic ministry, I believe and pray, that the Lord will increase it as a result.
In fact, since this is the only apostolic and prophetic message that I am aware of, if you have a message that you believe is apostolic and prophetic, I would like to hear it please.

Friday, October 23, 2015

'Chesher Cat' Ministers and Pastors in the Spirit-filled and Evangelical Churches

The problem that we have in the Spirit-filled and Evangelical churches today is that the leadership ranks are filled with what I like to call, 'Chesher cat' ministers and pastors. They smile and disappear when the difficult issue of our day, namely feminism (a.k.a. the Jezebel spirit) comes up in conversation.
We are miles down the road from where feminism started. 2015 has been a watershed year for feminism in America. 3 women on the Supreme Court have legalized same-sex marriage nationwide (feminism and homosexuality are intrinsically linked) and when the undercover Planned Parenthood videos came out, I don't that the national leadership of the Democrats lost a minute of sleep over it. I think that they knew that if the Republicans shut down the government over P.P. funding they would just decry the Republican 'war on women', and win the day.
Women usurping the authority is the bane (and juggernaut) of this nation today.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Effects of Revival

Everybody knows that revival is the key to getting people saved who would not otherwise come to Christ.  Another great thing about revival though, is that it causes people to look at things from a different perspective; from a different angle so to speak.
What I've always appreciated about revival is that during a revival, the people have their eyes on the Lord, instead of other people.  They are looking at Jesus rather than each other.
In churches that do not have a revival spirit, things are very introspective.  It's the people looking at the people, looking at the people, that sort of thing.
It reminds me a little of an old saying that I have about women and the church, 'If women ran the church, the church would be nothing more than a glorified social club, a place to come and see (others), and to be seen.
Women tend to be shortsighted.  What I think is the most under preached, undervalued scripture is, 1 Corinthians 7:33-4
"but one who is married is concerned about the things of the world, how he may please his wife,
 and {his interests} are divided."
If you think about it, except that women (generally speaking) were/are shortsighted, that verse would not be accurate.