Friday, February 3, 2017

Church Leadership

The leaders of the Evangelical Spirit-filled and Evangelical Non Spirit-filled churches think thusly:  Catholicism and Mainline denominations do not count for hardly anything except for one exception.  When they are asked where are the single men in the ministry, suddenly, and only for this reason, does the Catholic and Mainline churches count; that’s where the single men in the ministry are.  That’s why the church does not have revival or miracles.
That shows the issue that there are too few single men in the ministry (2 to 3 times too few) in fact in many churches today they will hire a woman before they will hire a single man.  It also shows the characters of the leaders of the church.  Basically married men who’s wives tell them how great they are and they actually believe it; thereby justifying them having a super majority in the ministry.
According to the bible, single men in the ministry should be working shoulder to shoulder with married men.

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