Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Most Famous Post According to Google

The Jezebel Demon’s Target

Long story short, me (and those like me.)  (a) I am a single man. (b) I am a Christian. (c) I am baptized in the Holy Spirit [I’m Spirit-filled] (d) I am called to be and I am a minister; if you want to see the target of the Jezebel spirit, you’re looking at it.  In fact to be perfectly honest, I doubt that anyone who is not at least a single male Christian, and especially a man who is called to the ministry, really understands the Jezebel Demon.

On a side note, please think about the public school system in this country (America). Take one whiff of that, so to speak, if you don’t see the Jezebel demon’s work there, you don’t know the Jezebel spirit. These women (mainly women) are Empowered capital “E”; the teachers, the principles, the administrators, the superintendents, the school board members etc. I mean honestly to God, step in their way and they will plow you under. In my book, they are the greatest set of over empowered women who have ever walked the face of this earth. (If you don’t believe me, take them on, and you’re liable to learn lickety fast.)

So what’s the cure?  There is none really.  “Knowing is half the battle,” is the saying.  We’ll just have to be satisfied with that.  There will be pockets of revival, but I am writing a book entitled “Jezebel Nation”, and it’s about America.  That demonic principality will prevent any kind of wide spread revival.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Church Discrimination Against Single Men Who are Called to the Ministry

The problem with the church (the Evangelical Spirit-filled and non Spirit-filled churches) is that they discriminate against single men who are called to the ministry.  As a result, single men who are called to the ministry, like myself, can not fulfill their callings.
That is why the church does not have revival and does not have miracles for the most part.  According to Scripture, single men should be working side by side, shoulder to shoulder with married men in the ministry.
Unfortunately, this is unlikely to change for the most part, meaning that all those people who are of the type that they will not come to the Lord unless the church has revival and miracles will end up going to hell.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Every Sunday in the Evangelical Spirit-filled church and the Evangelical non Spirit-filled church we get to see a bunch of married men on stage acting out their wives' fantasies that they're "Grrrreeaat!"
It's like watching the Kardashians.
That's why married men should have 90% of the power, because their wives tell them how great they are and they're just stupid (and selfish) enough to believe it.
And then they all stand around play acting like they just can't quite figure out why the church doesn't have revival or miracles.
It's sad really.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Church Leadership

The leaders of the Evangelical Spirit-filled and Evangelical Non Spirit-filled churches think thusly:  Catholicism and Mainline denominations do not count for hardly anything except for one exception.  When they are asked where are the single men in the ministry, suddenly, and only for this reason, does the Catholic and Mainline churches count; that’s where the single men in the ministry are.  That’s why the church does not have revival or miracles.
That shows the issue that there are too few single men in the ministry (2 to 3 times too few) in fact in many churches today they will hire a woman before they will hire a single man.  It also shows the characters of the leaders of the church.  Basically married men who’s wives tell them how great they are and they actually believe it; thereby justifying them having a super majority in the ministry.
According to the bible, single men in the ministry should be working shoulder to shoulder with married men.