Friday, August 5, 2016

The "Good 'Ole Boy's Network vs. Feminism- Or Not

I think that one of the reasons that Christian media figures never, almost never talk about feminism, much less be critical of it, can be traced to a fraternity boys idea.  Nobody talks about feminism.  That way if any are ever blackmailed by a woman that they have an affair with, that person has cover.
Look at it from a ruling elite perspective.  The best way to insure their continued rule is to close the door to any false accusations against them by say the church receptionist who knows that they have been stealing money from the church.  Don't ever criticize feminism.  That could set her off.  That could make a woman that one of them has abused to come forward.
Look at a guy that has an affair on his wife (or girlfriend).  If he ever says, "I've always been faithful to my wife," that may provide the onus for the woman that he's had an affair with to come forward.
So the group tactic is to always avoid talk of women's rights, especially being critical of them, and when and if the subject ever arises, pull your Chesher cat routine, just smile and disappear.

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