Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Greatest Stronghold of the Devil Against Women

If you're talking about all women, women in the world as well as Christian women, the greatest stronghold of the devil in their lives is the false belief that they have more rights than they actually do. I mean if you're talking about American women in 2016, 50 years in to the sexual revolution.
Most women today believe that they have the 'right' to choose to not respect and to not honor men. Women today think that men must first 'earn' women's respect and honor. Not so.
Men don't have to earn women's respect and honor any more than men had any choice in being created male in the first place.
Now, if a man wants to have a relationship with a woman, either personal or professional, then yes he must earn her respect and honor. But the problem with American women today is that they will throw mud in a man's face just as fast as a woman's face.
In Christianity, men represent the Lord to women. Women who do not honor and respect men, do not honor and respect the Lord.

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