Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Apostolic and Prophetic Word

What makes me an apostolic and prophetic minister is that I have an apostolic and prophetic word from the Lord. The church needs to do a better job ministering to single men and there needs to be more single men in church leadership.
God blesses me with a special blessing because of this. The most important thing in life is to see the Lord move on your behalf, there is nothing like it.  A man (or woman) hasn't really lived until they see God move on their behalf.
 I encourage you to adopt this message into your life and ministry. I believe (and pray) that it will prime the pump for you too to have an apostolic and prophetic ministry also. And if you already have an apostolic and prophetic ministry, I believe and pray, that the Lord will increase it as a result.
In fact, since this is the only apostolic and prophetic message that I am aware of, if you have a message that you believe is apostolic and prophetic, I would like to hear it please.

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