Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Prophetic Ministry

I think that much of the confusion about, 'what is the prophetic ministry", today, can be characterized by the saying, 'the dog wags the tail, the tail doesn't wag the dog.'
The message makes the minister prophetic, the minister does not make the message prophetic.
I'm a prophetic minister because of my message, that the church 'need's improvement' in the area of ministry to single men, and single women too, although to a lesser extent.
If I stopped talking about the issue of single men, called to the ministry (like myself), who can't fulfill their callings in the Evangelical and Spirit-filled churches, then I would no longer be a prophetic minister.
That's the way that I see it.
I may still have a prophetic gift, but I would no longer be a prophetic minister.

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